Record in Jerusalem

Want to record a music project in the City of Worship? Looking to add that Middle Eastern flare to your song?

Whether you come here in person for the unique experience of creating and producing worship in Jerusalem or want to collaborate long distance on a project, the Fellowship of Artists team is here to help make your dream a reality.


Neuman U 87 (3units)
Neuman TLM 103 (2units)
Sennheiser e901
Sennheiser e 906
Shure sm 7 (2 units)
EV (2 units)
Royer R121 (2units)
Shure sm 81 (2 units)
Shure sm 57(2 units)
Shure sm 58(2units)

Mic Pres & Outboard

Avalon 747 sp
Neve 1073 DPA
API 3124
UAD toneblending 4-710
UAD 2- 610
Focusrite ff ISA 428
Focusrite Red
TL Audio PA1 Dual
DBX 160 A (3 units)
Aphex aural

Amps and Speakers

Fender Amplifier Sidekick Bassman
Fender Amp Ultra Chorus
Fender Amp Twin Reverb
Yamaha NS 10 speakers(couple)
Genelec Sub speaker 7070 A (2units)
Genelec speaker 8330 A (4units)
Hartke HA 3500 Bass Amp

Musical Instruments

Steinway & Sons Grand Piano
Fender Strat American
Fender Strat Jeff Beck
Fender Bass Precision
Gibson ES335
Gibson Acoustic J45
Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Modulus Bass Q5
Modulus Bass Q6
Drums Pearl Master Custom

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