Alan Serruya - אלן סרויה


Alan is a phenom on the guitar! We first met Alan when he was 14 years old. It was a short time later we began to record him on our recordings and later on after much study at the prestigious Rimon College for Music in Israel, he even grew higher in his natural talent. We have recorded with the world's best electric and acoustic guitarists and we prefer to work with Alan. He is meek and gentle young man, but his music is powerful enough to fill a city block with his shredding solos (if you like), or he can lead you into a deep mode of worship with his skillful guitar stylings, melodies and overwhelming technique. Take your pick, and leave it to Alan to take you there!


If you are looking to collaborate remotely on a project together we can do that! We encourage you to plan to have one of these amazing musicians to be on your next recording, to add an Israeli flare to your sound, either come in person to record here in Jerusalem or we can work with you anywhere in the world! If you are in Israel and need one of them (or a combination several) to play in a live setting or production also book them, we look forward to connecting!