Gabriel Elbaz - גבריאל אלבז


Gabriel ("Gabi") Elbaz was born in France but immigrated to Israel with his family at a young age. Gabi grew up playing the drums from an early age. Serendipitously, Gabi was surrounded by African and Middle Eastern cultures in music his whole life. This gives his playing a unique dimension as he blends these influences, rhythms and styles to craft his drum sound. He is a precise studio drummer with nuance, touch and yet also understands how to be free and worship using his instrument in live settings. As an emerging, bright young producer, Gabi has helped create music that is beginning to re-define what "Israeli Worship" is. He specializes on making others sound great! Not only on the drums but as manager and leader in the FoA studio and music scene. Need some beats from the Holy Land? Ask Gabi!


If you are looking to collaborate remotely on a project together we can do that! We encourage you to plan to have one of these amazing musicians to be on your next recording, to add an Israeli flare to your sound, either come in person to record here in Jerusalem or we can work with you anywhere in the world! If you are in Israel and need one of them (or a combination several) to play in a live setting or production also book them, we look forward to connecting!